Phone Tap

Phone Tap is the simplest and the most comprehensive on-device call recording app available on BlackBerry® 10. Sometimes, it is necessary to record important conversations with your clients, friends and colleagues. Now with Phone Tap, you can easily record the calls automatically or on demand. Tag the recordings with colors and labels to keep them organized and even add notes for easy reference later. You can also block calls per contact and auto respond to blocked calls via sms (OS 10.3.x and up).


  • Secured voice call recording
  • Record all phone calls automatically
  • Record calls on demand
  • Tag recordings with labels and colors
  • Contact based call recording (OS 10.3.x and up)
  • Time based call blocking
  • Contact based call blocking (OS 10.3.x and up)
  • Auto reply blocked calls via SMS (OS 10.3.x and up)
  • Filter recordings by tags
  • Record part of a call
  • Media key shortcut to start/stop record
  • Record voice notes from anywhere
  • Vibrate on record start/stop
  • AMR, WAV and M4U format
  • Password protect app

DISCLAIMER: The use of recordings made through this app, depending on their content, may be subject to various local laws in your region. Please review local laws and use at your own discretion.