HUB ++ Notifications

BuiltForBlackBerry_Badge_onBLKTake control of your notifications instead of them controlling you. You tell it what led colors to show, what patterns to blink and of course how to sound or vibrate and when. All that can be done both per contact as well as per account. You can even setup filters to automatically Mark Read, Flag, Forward and Delete messages.

With HUB++, you can finally stop checking your device for things you don’t care. When the device is on the desk, watch the bright LED pattern and colors, when it is in the pocket, feel the patterned vibrations and when it is just out of sight, let the audible notifications tell you what’s new. Better yet, in case you missed a notification, let HUB++ remind you at certain intervals.

Avoid those embarrassing moments while in a meeting. Simply put the device on the desk face-down and watch HUB++ go completely silent.


  • Integrated with system notification profiles (Silent, Normal etc.)
  • Supports Email, Work Email, Calendar, SMS, Phone
  • Supports WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, WeChat, SnapChat
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Supports system events such as network coverage, battery charging etc.
  • Compose your own LED/Vibrate pattern with unique LED keyboard
  • Repeated Audio and Patterned Vibrate notifications
  • Profiles based on schedule, bedside mode, in-a-call and in-holster
  • Flag important notifications as favorites
  • Add a reminder to any notification
  • Customize notifications down to the bones per Account or per Contact
  • Contact Rules allow for matching based on sender, to, cc, subject and content keywords
  • Contact Rules can also take auto actions such as Mark Read, Flag, Forward and Delete
  • Flip to silent or dismiss notifications


  • Clean and Stunning UI built in Cascades Native Platform
  • Vibrate on call connected and disconnected
  • Many LED color combos to choose from
  • Choose Disco patterns
  • Choose Disco speed
    Over 40 preloaded audio alerts
  • Choose your own audio notifications
  • Choose system audio notifications
  • Custom vibration lengths and patterns

Enterprise Solution

enterprise diag

Push filters to end user devices securely from behind the firewall. Filters can be used to enforce notifications on users for certain messages or events with specific patterns in subject, body, or from. Please contact for more information.