Unlock the full potential of your BlackBerry® email, sms and pin-pin experience today with Email++. Augment native BlackBerry® Hub with Unsend, Schedule, Block filters, Instant Popups and Actions like auto forward and auto reply. You can even create templates for use in auto replies as well as in BlackBerry® Hub while composing new messages. Email++, as the name suggests, does not replace the BlackBerry® Hub you love but instead, it extends it with these additional features.


Avoid send accidents. It’s ok, it happens to all of us! But often we pay a big price for them. With this feature you can Unsend your sent emails. Messages are held in a send queue for a configurable length of time until which it is not actually sent. You can simply long press a queued email (appears as draft) in BlackBerry® Hub and select Email++ where you can unsend the ones you don’t want sent. Unsent emails will be saved as draft for you to edit and send again.


Why work next week when you can schedule all your emails this week. Use the scheduler to schedule messages to be sent at a later date/time.


Block/filter messages by address or subject or content (exact or keyword based) with customizable actions to automatically Mark Read, Flag, Auto Forward, Auto Reply, set Priority and even Delete.

Message Popup

This will change your life. Seriously, with message popups, you can perform up to Eight quick actions right from the popup itself. Available actions are Mark Read, Flag, Delete, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Open, High Priority. Popups are nicely queued for you but you can quickly dismiss all if you want to check the messages later. In the middle of a game or something even more important? ..hit the suppress button and you shall see no popups for the next hour.


Why write the same email over and over again when you can create a template in Email++ and use that in BlackBerry Hub. Once the templates are created, you can reply/forward from Blackberry Hub using them. Simply long press on an email you want to reply/forward with template and select Email++ from the menu. Templates can also be used in auto replies.

Auto Download Attachments

Wouldn’t it be nice if the attachments in emails were downloaded automatically? With the auto attachment download feature, you can set Email++ to auto download attachments in a message as they arrive in your inbox. You can even set a threshold for max attachment size that may be auto downloaded.

Enterprise Solution

enterprise diag

We’ve got you covered. End-to-end enterprise solutions are available for Email++. With our server solution, admins can push filter rules to catch outbound and inbound messages based on corporate policies and compliance requirements. Please contact for more information.